Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Never say "Oops," always say "Mmmm, interesting."

Work, work, work.

I'm all about work these last few weeks. Learning HTML, dBase and our InfoCare software has consumed most of my time at work along with calls from doctor's office receptionists who can't get their computers or our software to work but swear they've done nothing wrong or different since the last time they called and couldn't get their printers to print. All they did was delete the .exe file. It's only one little file. What's the big deal?

Working customer service is pretty much the same here as it is everywhere else. Customer gets oil changed on car and drives away. Customer notices a noise somewhere under hood. (Mmm. That's interesting. Never noticed that before....probably those stupid mechanics.) SpeedBUMP! (Can't even do a simple thing like changing the oil without messing something else up...) HANDBREAK U-TURN! (Could go back and complain. Obviously it's all their fault...) SWERVE! (after all, I've never noticed the noise before now...) HARD BREAKING! (Ah, screw it. I have places to go. That noise is probably nothing anyway.) REVS ENGINE. (...And even if it is something major, I'll just say it was those darn car mechanics fault) FLOORS IT. (...serves them, right) FLIPS CAR (...overcharged me for that oil change anyway).

I gotta get back to work. Customer service things...


At 2:40 PM, Anonymous justin said...

yeah... john informed me of the 2010 conversion yesterday. breaks my heart it does. shame, the first thing that's mentioned is how it will allow for more seating, no mention on how it will hinder the flow of play.

i'll have to stop over for game 3 or 4 this weekend


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